Phone Registration

Phone registration

Registration phone

According to the Telecommunication Act in Germany, we have to request the information below from every customer registering a SIM Card. Your information is being submitted to Vodafone or Mobi directly and will not be stored on our servers or given out to any third party.

You have not filled all required fields! Please fill in the marked fields correctly. Please see the question mark signs for further information.


To comply with German telecommunication requirements, please register your cell phone

You can activate your cell phone by entering the information requested above or if you would like to speak to a customer representative you can register by calling 07062 - 928 86 31 Mon-Fri 10am-6pm (closed on american holidays).

Once the registration is complete, your phone will be active and you will receive a credit of 1 Euro talk time. You can add more talk time to your phone at your local Exchange. Look for the mobile top up terminals at the cash register.


Please keep your PIN and Superpin in a safe place, you will need the SUPERPIN (also called PUK Code) in case you lock yourself out of the phone by entering the wrong pin 3x.


If your display shows no or limited service, please turn your phone off, take out the battery, wait for a few seconds, replace the battery and turn the phone back on. If your display shows, your phone is back in working mode. If this does not fix your issue, please contact us.


To add minutes to your phone: After purchasing the minutes at your local Exchange or Shopette, you will receive a printout with a Cashcode Number (Auflade Nummer). To add the minutes to your phone, please type

*100*cash code number followed by # and the call/send button on your phone.