mobi mega-flat

Unlimited calls to landlines and to all mobi numbers. This option allows you to place unlimited calls to German landlines and to all mobi numbers without additional charges for 30 days at a flat rate of 13,95 Euro. The option becomes affective with the booking date and ends after 30 days. There is no automatic extension.

To book this option dial 22999 from your mobi phone, follow the IVR text and press 2-1-1 and confirm the option by pressing 1.


0€ connection fee option for 1,99 a month

You would like to make international calls without a connection fee? No problem! Here is what you need to do:

1. Dial 22999 from your mobi phone

2. follow the IVR text

3. press 2-1-2 and then 1 to confirm the option

Overview Telekom Plans

International minute rates with your Mobi Card



      USA                    Afghanistan

       landlines 5 cents                           landlines 39 cents

       mobile 5 cents                               mobile 39 cents



       Bahamas             Brazil

       landlines 5 cents                             landlines 9 cents

       mobile 5 cents                                 mobile 25 cents



       Dom. Republic                   Ghana

       landlines 24 cents                           landlines 15 cents

       mobile 24 cents                               mobile 25 cents



       Guam                                            Iraq

       landlines 15 cents                           landlines 5 cents

       mobile 5 cents                                 mobile 23 cents



        Italy                                                     Japan

       landlines 5 cents                           landlines 9 cents

       mobile 29 cents                             mobile 19 cents



       Kuwait                                             Netherlands

       landlines 15 cents                        landlines 9 cents

       mobile 15 cents                            mobile 25 cents



       Puerto Rico                                Vietnam

       landlines 5 cents                        landlines 15 cents

       mobile 5 cents                            mobile 15 cents



        Virgin Islands

       landlines 5 cents

       mobiles 5 cents